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What Works For YOU?

I have been a doctor for 44 years and it never ceases to amaze me how different we all are physiologically and psychologically.  Yes, we do exhibit lots of similarities as well but there are many unique features that occur such as:

  • How our immune systems fight off infections:  The Covid experience certainly highlighted these differences
  • How we handle stress situations
  • How we respond to different antibiotics or other medications
  • How we recover after a major illness or surgery

There are many, many other bullet points that may be added to this list.

Now, to the weight control arena:  Once again, there are many differences in what “WORKS” for different people.  For example, I have seen patients that tell me no matter what they do dietary-wise, if they do not exercise, they cannot lose a pound.  Others inform me that if they touch one glass of alcohol the entire week, this will ruin their weight loss efforts for that week.  Still other people respond well to intermittent fasting whereas other people need to rev their metabolisms up by eating three meals and snacks a day.

The point:  During a long-term weight control journey, it is important to know what “works” for YOU.  Having this knowledge at the forefront of your brain will allow you to follow the patterns that produce the results you are seeking.  Take the time to jot down those behaviors, dietary patterns, exercise time required and other factors that seem to bring you success.  

Know what works for YOU!

And whether you are at a normal weight or carrying a few/lots of extra pounds, I still very much like you just the way you are.   And that leads us to today’s song…enjoy Billy Joel (1977 version).

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