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What Would You Do With An Extra Hour?

There is one day a year that pretty much everyone enjoys and one day a year that pretty much everyone does not:  The “fun” day?  The fall day when we turn the clocks back and we gain an “extra” hour that Sunday.  The “not so fun” day?  The spring day when the clocks go forward and we lost an hour.  The reason why we like that 25 hour day as opposed to the 23 hour day:  We have more time that day to accomplish projects, rest, enjoy our hobbies, spend time with the family, etc.

Let’s play a hypothetical game and make “reality” a 25 hour day all of the time as opposed to the one day a year.  So, essentially, we have an extra hour every day.  What would you do with that “extra” hour?

Clearly, there would be lots of options available including:

  • Devoting the hour to extra sleep or a nap
  • For those workaholics out there, working an extra hour
  • Watching more of your favorite shows 
  • Spending more casual time with your spouse/children

From a health-improvement standpoint, that extra hour could be spent:

  • Planning/preparing meals
  • Exercising
  • Reading health journals to obtain tips
  • Journaling your food intake

Well, back to reality:  We have 24 hours in a day, not 25 so there is no “extra” hour.  OR, maybe there is: Do you spend 60 minutes a day doing “stuff” that is really not important or necessary?  Are you surfing the internet watching cat videos? Watching Facebook posts of your friends eating lunch somewhere?  Lounging on a couch watching 600 Pound Sisters?  

The point” Maybe you do have an “extra hour” you can devote to your pursuit of improved health.  Take a step back and self-evaluate whether yo8u are burning 15-60 minutes a day on frivolous activities that could be redirected to a better use of the time.  By doing so, you will live a longer and healthier life.

And to end this post: Does Anyone Know What Time It Is?  Enjoy Chicago.

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