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Whatever Works For YOU

After practicing medicine for over 40 years and seeing tens of thousands of patients, one of the most prominent lessons I have learned is this:  People are very different in their reactions to many different things including:

  • How they respond medically to various illnesses
  • How much stress they can endure before requiring medical attention
  • How they react to certain medications
  • How they age in terms of appearance and physical vitality

There are many, many other “things” that humans have as differentiating points.

Now, specifically to weight control:  Often, I will be asked by patients such questions as:

  • Can I drink alcohol in your program?
  • Can I have a “cheat” day of eating lots of carbs in your program?
  • Can I do intermittent fasting in your program?
  • Can I substitute protein bars and/or protein shakes for meals in your program?


My answer to these questions and similar ones: We are all very different in our responses to different variables and for most people, alcohol slows metabolism and will hurt weight loss efforts if more than a smidgeon is used, for most people it is NOT a good idea to do “cheat days” because psychologically, this will always keep weight loss efforts as a sort of “prison” and we will always look for “parole or escape”,  for most people intermittent fasting is not as good a long term strategy as eating 3 meals a day and for most people protein shakes/bars are NOT as good for shedding weight as rea; protein sources.

However, I will end my statement by saying this: “We are all different and what works for most people may NOT work for YOU.  YOU need to sort of “trial and error” along the way, meaning learning whatever works for YOU.  If you find that consistent weight loss will occur while still incorporating certain foods/drinks then continue to use them until proven otherwise.  If you find that certain foods/drinks derail your efforts, try to NOT incorporate those.

Learn “Whatever Works For YOU” and continue that strategy long-term.

And I will never give up on YOU in trying to help you reach your weight control goals.  Enjoy one of the top ten worst songs from the 1980’s ranked by a number of polls, “Never Gonna Give YOU Up” by Rick Astley.

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