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What’s In It For You?

My Top Five movie list would include the iconic Kevin Costner 1989 film “Field Of Dreams”. I bet pretty much every one of you remembers the line “BUILD IT AND HE WILL COME”. For those of you that remember the details well, Costner’s character heard a voice first telling him to build a baseball field, then the voice instructed him to visit a reclusive writer (played by James Earl Jones) and finally directed him to track down an old doctor (played by Burt Lancaster) that only played one game in the major leagues. After doing all of this, toward the end of the movie, Costner is upset that he is not invited by the Shoeless Joe Jackson ghost (played by Ray Liotta) to go beyond the corn to see what happens when the ghosts disappear beyond that point. The writer is the one invited. When Costner is expressing frustration, he states that he has done everything he has been asked to do and now he wants to know “What’s In It For Me?”

Well, what does any of this have to do with a blog about weight control? Here goes: During a long-term weight control journey you will ask LOTS of yourself (and perhaps me if you are in the program) including such things as:
Stay away from alcohol use
Keeps carbs and fruits minimized
Keep a food journal
Do not snack on popcorn chips and other similar processed foods, especially after dinner

This list of “Asks” can go on and on and on. None of these are fun things for us to do.

So, after toiling away at all of these “Asks”, a mindset will often develop of: “Okay, I have been doing everything I have been asked to do, so now WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?

Well, in case you have forgotten, there is LOTS “in it for you” including:
Looking years younger
Having lots more energy
Ridding yourself of side-effect induing meds being needed for weight-related co-morbidities
Fitting into those stylish clothes that no longer fit

This list can go on and on and on.

The point: Yes, it is very difficult to lose weight and lots of work is required. BUT, there is a great pot at the end of the rainbow and we must keep focused on the positive outcomes. If you ever question yourself of “What’s In it For Me?” try to remember all of the great ways your life will change with weight loss success.

Enjoy a great scene from an iconic movie.

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