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When Is The Best Time To Exercise?

Exercise is an important component to long-term health and weight control. However, is there a more beneficial time to exercise, meaning does exercising in the morning more advantageous than later afternoon/evening exercise?

Here are some reasons why morning exercise may produce better results than later exercise:

  • Morning exercise may become more habitual in nature compared to later afternoon/evening exercise
  • Studies show an enhance level of fat burning during morning exercise
  • Sleep improvement may be tied to morning exercise as opposed to later exercise
  • Mood-boosting may be attributed to morning exercise
  • Energy levels and focus may be improved due to morning exercise

Some of the benefits of later afternoon/evening exercise include:

  • Reducing stress that built up during the day
  • The body core temperature rises as the day progresses allowing exercise to be easier later in the day
  • Exercising later may replace bad habits that would otherwise occur

Putting it all together, I believe morning exercise is probably the most beneficial time to exercise based on the above factors.  However, exercising itself is more important so no matter what time you decide to get the sweat rolling, you will benefit from exercise time.

Like most of our behaviors that become habitual in nature, exercise is one of them.  Let’s all get moving!

And on almost every top 50 songs to work out to…Think Rocky….Here is “Eye Of The Tiger”.

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