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When Life Gives You Lemons…

During a long-term weight control journey one of the challenges that we face is the “boredom” of the blandness we attribute to proteins and vegetables.  Carbs and fats provide a better “taste”, hence the reason why we have a difficult time navigating away from them.

Lemons are used by many people as an additive to water, diet sodas and other drinks.  Often, lemon juice is used to add flavor to fish and seafood.  What are the health benefits, if any, of lemons?  Here are several:

  • Lemons contain a good amount of Vitamin C, which in turn, helps promote a healthier immune system.  Additionally, the anti-oxidant function of Vitamin C may promote better cardiovascular health.
  • Lemons promote good hydration. 
  • Lemons may support weight control.  Research has shown that polyphenol antioxidants found in lemons significantly reduces weight gain in mice that are overfed in order to induce obesity.  In these mice studies, the antioxidant compounds also offset the negative effects on blood glucose levels and improved insulin resistance, the two main factors in the development of type 2 diabetes. 
  • Lemons, with its’ citric acid content may prevent kidney stones.
  • Lemons can freshen your breath.

Consider incorporating lemons or lemon juice into your dietary plan, as this will provide a better taste and provide some further health benefits.

And for you 1960’s music fans out there (all 2 of you besides me), here is Trini Lopez singing “Lemon Tree”.   I just saw that Mr. Lopez died recently from complications of Covid.   For those old movie fans, Mr. Lopez was one of the actors in perhaps the best war movie ever…The Dirty Dozen.  May he rest in peace.

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