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When Should Liposuction Be Considered?

Unfortunately, one of the “negatives” of aging is a change in fat content of the body as well as the distribution of the fat.  Most of us have noticed that over time, we seem to accumulate more fat and the distribution of this fat seems to be more around the belly.  It is tempting to consider an intervention that would produce an immediate reduction of body fat.

There is a very important difference between a medical weight loss program such as Serotonin-Plus and fat-reducing procedures such as liposuction or Cool-sculpting.  Liposuction and cool-sculpting are body contouring procedures and are NOT  “weight loss” interventions.  Those procedures are meant to reduce body fat in certain areas of the body.

Concerning liposuction, the amount of actual “weight loss” is usually no greater than 2-5 pounds and the very best candidates for good results are people that are already within 30% of their ideal body weights.  Studies have also shown that within 2 years most people will put back on the fat, although in different areas of the body.

Cool-sculpting is a procedure that freezes fat cells away.  This produces even less weight loss than liposuction.  This procedure targets certain areas of the body, is less invasive than liposuction and the recovery time is much quicker.  With no anesthesia required, this is also a safer procedure than liposuction.

The bottom line:  Liposuction, cool sculpting or any other “fat reducing” procedures should not be looked at as weight loss procedures.  There is no getting around the hard truth:  True weight loss requires behavioral changes when it comes to eating and exercise.

If anyone is considering liposuction, the surgeons at Austin-Weston in Reston are excellent.  They are not only incredibly expert in their surgical techniques but also, they are incredibly ethical in not offering liposuction to people that are too overweight, as results will not be great in patients above a certain BMI.

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