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When Was The Last Time You____?

I had a patient one time tell me this very true statement:  Life Is Like A Roll Of Toilet Paper…The Older It Gets, The Faster It Seems To End”.  The truism here is that time does run away from us and although, at times, the days seem long, the months and years roll by and the decades fly by.  I am certain many of you out there can relate to this sensation.

Because time does fly by quickly and we are immersed in a number of personal, professional and social activities, some important self-health issues may not be followed as carefully as they should.

When was the LAST time YOU?

  • Went to see your primary care doctor for a routine checkup
  • Had the screening mammogram, colonoscopy, stress test or other screening exams recommended for age/medical condition
  • Saw your dentist
  • Had a skin exam to ensure there are no malignant or pre-malignant tumors
  • Got on a scale to check your weight
  • Had a blood panel to check the liver and kidney functions, cholesterol, blood sugar, PSA (for men) and other recommended lab testing
  • Chest x-ray if you have a smoking history

There are many more action items that can be added to this list of health/medical “things” we should all do, yet many of us (including yours truly) often let too much time slip by before we take action.

Please take the time to self-evaluate YOUR “status” as to how “up to date” you are with the recommended preventative/screening healthcare action items appropriate for age and medical situation.

In 1736, Benjamin Franklin advised fire-threatened Philadelphians:  An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure”.  (Question:  If Franklin was alive these days do you think he would have worn a Cowboys’ Jersey to a game against the Eagles in Philadelphia?  He would have needed TONS of cure from being beaten!)

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