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Where’s The Pizza and Fries?

Do you remember those old Wendy’s television commercials where the little old lady demands from a (non-Wendy’s) fast food counter person: “Where’s the BEEF?” She was complaining about the relative small size of the meat portions of the burgers at McDonalds or Burger King as opposed to the mammoth size burgers at Wendys.

I went shopping today at the local Giant and as I made my way around the aisles I found plenty of vegetables, and lots of meat/chicken/fish choices. My visit to the frozen section provided quite a surprise: NO frozen pizzas and NO French fries.

Hmmm…Now I know why there is no toilet paper: People are stuffing themselves with frozen pepperoni pizzas and greasy fries producing multiple trips to the bathroom.

The proliferation of processed frozen foods is one of the major culprits of our obesity epidemic. With lots of meat/chicken/fish available, yet no frozen pizzas, I suppose it is apparent that during the lockdown many people are still turning to frozen foods as opposed to preparing meals. I “get it” that when both parents are running to work outside the house and shuffling their children to post-school activities it is really difficult to take the time to prepare “real” meals. But now?

So, if you find yourself still relying on Ms. Stouffer, Mr. Digiorno and/or Nathans to provide your evening meals of pizza and fries, PLEASE use the extra time we have at home to prepare a real protein dinner.

Where’s The Beef? I hope it is at YOUR house.

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