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Whole Body Health

Over my four decades of “doctoring” lots of new advances have been made in a number of diagnostic testing and therapeutic interventions.   I have noticed that recently there are many articles, focus and products directed at individual organ health.  Concerning “gut health”, the use of probiotics has gotten lots of press.  “Bone health” is also a hot topic with Vitamin D, calcium and weight bearing exercises being positive interventions.  “Immune health” with Vitamin D supplements, Vitamin C, maitake muchroom, echinacea and other natural supplements/Vitamins are front and center due to the quest to ward off Covid.  “Heart health” is also addressed with supplements such as Co-Q 10.  Probably the most popular topic these days is “brain health” with numerous articles addressing various supplements and techniques to maximize our CNS.

I supposed if people were interested in trying to maximize the “health” of their various organs, they could line up 20 or more bottles that would offer up the various minerals, vitamins and supplements that have been shown in studies to positively impact these various organs.  However, the mixture of many different types of products, although “natural”, could result in some unwanted side effects or interactions with prescription medications being taken.

Although you sort of knew this was coming, here goes:  The very best intervention you can make for “Whole Body Health” is controlling your weight.  Think of the various organ systems that are positively impacted:

  • Brain
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Joints
  • Immune system
  • Pancreas
  • GI tract
  • Psychological system

If someone is obese/significantly overweight, there is no better intervention than losing that weight.  “Whole body health” improves dramatically and this does not require 20 or more bottles of pills.  If you find your kitchen counter housing a bunch of bottles of vitamins and supplements, take a step back and focus on the concept that none of these even comes close to providing the betterment that weight control will bring you.  Stay focused!

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