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Why Are So Much Heavier Now?

Let’s time travel back to 1969.  In that year we landed a person on the moon for the first time, Richard Nixon was our President, Judy Garland passed away and the N.Y. Mets won the World Series.

Turning to weight control issues in America:  In 1969 the obesity/overweight rates were 1/3 of what they are now.  How can this possibly be the case?  With the ever-growing technology advances, it would seem likely that our ability to control weight would be much easier:  More scientific knowledge of foods, development of low/zero calorie alternatives, apps that track food intake, much improved gym equipment….all of these and more should have added up to 2023 bringing 1/3 of the obesity rate compared to 1969…not 300% more.

What are the differences between 1969 and now that perhaps are contributing to the ever-increasing obesity epidemic?  Here are my thoughts:

  • 2023 brings many more dual parent working scenarios than back in 1969 when more likely, “Mom” was staying at home planning and cooking meals for the family.  Now, there is very little time for either parent to focus on meal preparation for the family
  • Many more fast food restaurants now compared to 1969.
  • Much more processed foods available that can be quickly cooked up in a microwave.  In 1969, no microwaves…but we did have toaster ovens!
  • For children, in 1969, “playing” meant being outside running or biking with friends.  2023?  Sitting and playing video games
  • For adults, “smart phones” have also led to more non-exertional time, as most people use those phones for checking social media, texting people and at times, ordering their favorite pizza or fast food for delivery.

Please feel free to message me with your own thoughts as to why we are much heavier now than decades ago.

Take a step back and evaluate the reasons why current times present more challenges to you for weight control compared to decades ago.  Then, see what can be done to “turn back time” to behaviors that are more conducive to long-term weight control.

And the number one song in 1969 according to Billboard Magazine?  No, not a Beatles song, No not a Motown hit.  No, not a Rolling Stones tune.  Yes to the “Archies” singing “Sugar Sugar”.

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