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Win The Whole ___ing Thing?

Today we will move away from the PG-13 nature of this blog into the “R” rated category due to use of a certain “F” word.

One of my favorite sports movies was the baseball comedy, Major League.  The movie, starring Charlie Sheen, Dennis Haysbert, Tom Berenger and Rene Russo was about a Cleveland Indians baseball team that was purposefully put together with really bad players. The reason?  If attendance dropped to a certain low level, the really mean owner would be able to move the franchise to her desired destination, Miami.  She wanted the team to lose.

During a team meeting, the manager informed the players of this designed plan and they understood they would only be in the league for one year and then lose their jobs.  When the realization hit that they were playing against all odds, the leader of the team, catcher Jake Taylor told them in an inspiring speech that there was only one thing left to do.  When asked, he said “Win the Whole F—ing Thing”.

So why, you may ask, is this movie scene referred to in my weight control blog?  Here goes:

The odds are stacked against each and every one of you trying to lose weight and keep the weight off.  Statistics show that recidivism rates in weight control are very high and yes, people can “diet” and lose weight but there is a much less chance of that weight loss being permanent.  Many factors are involved in this issue, including genetic, behavioral, metabolism, environmental and other factors.

So, two choices:  1- We become despaired that these odds are against us and we give up OR 2- We try to “Win The Whole F—ing Thing” (i.e. work really hard to lose the weight, embrace a long term behavioral change and keep that weight off.

I am hoping that every one of you can channel that Jake Taylor in you to make the decision to “win the whole f—ing thing”.  By doing so, you will become much healthier and happier.

Enjoy the movie clip:

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