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Work For Your Food?

Our constant refrain for our patients is:  “Eat protein, protein and more protein”.  Proteins are the best food group to ingest for your successful weight control journey.  I want to focus on a type of protein source that requires “work” in order to eat it: Crab.

The nutritional content of crab leg clusters per 5 ounce serving: 163 calories, 33.6 grams of protein, zero carbs and 2.1 grams of fat.  However, this is the “good” fat, mostly omega 3 fats, and those are more heart-protective.

There are a variety of other crab types that provide plenty of protein.  Additionally, whether it be the pounding of a hard shelled crab or cracking crab legs, there is plenty of “work” required to obtain the meat.  So, additionally, there is some caloric burn off involved in the efforts to eat the food.

So, there it is:  Crabs are a great choice for your long-term weight control efforts.  Great to eat and work required to eat them!

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