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Writing The End Of Your Story


The other day we went to the movies (after a several year hiatus due to Covid) and saw an excellent movie, The Fabelmans”.  Steven Spielberg directed the movie and it was a sort of biography about his life growing up as a child, teen and young adult.  The film showed his struggles due to a divorce between his parents and the challenges that moving to different cities placed on his passion for filmmaking.  Not to spoil the picture ending for those who may want to see it, but my favorite scene occurred at the end when he had a chance to meet his idol, the famous movie director John Ford.  

Seeing the movie got me thinking about movie endings.  Some are happy, others are sad and still others leave the viewer puzzled as to exactly what transpired in the end.  Movies that are fictional in nature can end those pictures in any manner the writer and director desire.  However, movies that are about real-life events, if they remain true to the facts, have no choice as to whether the movie ends well or leaves people crying at the end due to a sad finale.

To a great extent, individually, we all get the chance to sort of write our own stories.  We, of course, cannot choose where we were born, who our relatives are, what cities we grew up in etc.  However, as we get older, we do have many choices such as what college we attend, what occupations we choose to pursue, who we marry, what city we live in, how many children we want to have….and the list goes on and on.

As we get older, the “story” of our lives has more past chapters covering where we have been, what we have done and who we are with.  Depending on the age, there are still “chapters” left to be written.  What those chapters contain will often depend on the relative state of health we are in.

To the weight control arena:  Successful weight control will increase the chances of having many more “happy” chapters in your life and the “end” of the story will be delayed as those “happy chapters” keep being added.  To a large extent, we all have a role in “writing the end” of our own stories.  Keep focused on your weight loss efforts and you will keep being able to write and write and write.

For those Spielberg movie fans, this is a must see.

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