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You Are Not Alone

Difficult tasks, missions and journeys are much more difficult to accomplish when asked to do these alone.  Knowing you have a person(s) with you brings lots more confidence in your ability to complete whatever challenges are ahead.   Whether this be physical, moral or psychological support, not being alone brings higher chances of success.

Turning to the weight control arena, the concept of “Not being alone” carries lots of value as well.  The journey of changing our life-styles to embrace a long-term high protein/low carb/low alcohol approach is a very difficult one indeed.  Feeling “alone” in this mission will make the tasking much more difficult.

So, if it is best that you are not alone during this journey, who can be “with you” along the way?  Take out a pen and paper and start jotting down the names of people that are very willing to be helpful/”with you” on this journey.  I would bet that your spouse/older children understand the importance of your success in shedding weight, so enlist their help.  With 70% of the American population being overweight/obese I would bet you have friends/colleagues that are on similar journeys.  Your good friends at Serotonin-Plus are also here with you along the way and we welcome your visits to us post-program for free body scans.

The very important point:  You should never feel that you are alone on your difficult journey to better health and happiness that weight control will bring you.  You can have lots of company and help along the way.

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