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You Believe In You

Back when I was mid-life crisis-ing my early 40’s I drove a Corvette with a vanity license plate that read: BDWYBOB.   This stood for “Broadway Bob” as my brother would often refer to me by that nickname whenever I made a stupid expenditure, such as buying a red Corvette.  So, as I have been posting recent entries that are inspired by Broadway musical numbers, here comes another one:  

“ How To Succeed In Business (Without Really Trying)” made its Broadway debut in 1961.  This very dated musical is about a young man trying to rise the corporate ladder from his entry level position in the mail room to become an executive.  The show was written and came out in an era that was quite different in terms of the “roles” of men and women.  In one of the show numbers, the main character (reprised years later by Matthew Broderick, of “Ferris Bueller” fame) sang a song to inspire himself called “I Believe In You”.

Away from the Broadway lights and to the weight control arena:  Most people struggling with weight control have tried LOTS of different ways to shed the weight:  They have been on multiple “diets”, tried many supplements/products and have paid lots of money for programs.  Multiple “failures” have occurred, meaning that they did not lose weight or lost weight, only to have it gained back.  Psychologically, this takes a toll on people to the point where they will start doubting whether success in weight control can ever occur.

Self-doubt, not just in the weight control arena but many other aspects of life, will lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If you do not believe you will “succeed” in an effort/venture, chances are success will, in fact, not occur.  Despite past failings, please try to maintain a “Belief” in yourself, as you have probably succeeded in so many other aspects of your life.  

I believe in you…please believe in yourself:  You can and will get control of your weight.

And here is Matthew Broderick inspiring you to “Believe in YOU”.

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