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You Know That You Are Getting Old When…

I have a suspicion that most people reading my daily rantings are above the age of 40; most likely 60 years old and above.  For people working every day, custodial age children at home, commutes and other daily responsibilities, there is precious little time to do anything else, including reading these daily missives I spam your e-mail boxes with.  For those folks retired or semi-retired, perhaps there is a bit more time to open all of your e-mails, including this one.

We have all heard expressions such as “60 years of age is the new 40”, implying that the baby Boomers are aging better than their parents’ generation.  Personally, I never remember my parents exercising or checking nutritional contents of foods and pretty much everyone in those 1940’s-1970’s era smoked cigarettes.  Heck, even in the 80’s many doctors were smokers.

Although we Botox and Orange Fit our way into thinking that “60 is the new 40”, life expectancies have not increased by 20 years.  The number is more like 9 years difference, and this increase in life expectancy from 1960 to now can probably be attributed to the much less smoking rate as well as advances in medicine.

For those of you fellow baby Boomers out there, we would all like to slow down this “getting old” process.  The roadmap to this sounds pretty simple:  Keep your weight under control, do not smoke cigarettes, exercise regularly, go in for routine preventative checkups and act quickly on any medical issues that develop.   With 70% of our country being overweight/obese, there clearly are barriers to achieving optimal health and longevity.

Take a look into the mirror and ask yourself whether you see someone that looks younger than the actual age, older or about the right expectation.  The second part of this exercise: Close your eyes and ask yourself whether you FEEL younger, older or the same as age would expect.  If your look and feel is younger than your age, kudos and keep doing the same stuff you are doing now.  If you feel younger but look older, that is a better scenario than looking younger and feeling older.  Anti-aging can be helped “outside” by cosmetic work, but inside anti-aging requires healthy lifestyle choices.

And two ending to this entry: The first is several bullet points to end the sentence, “You Know That You Are Getting Older When…” and then a song that is special to me, as I danced this one with my daughter Kym at her wedding years ago.


  • You watch the Grammy Awards and you do not know 90% of the people receiving the awards
  • You feel that the most underrated thing in the world is a good bowel movement and the most overrated thing is good sex.
  • You are the only person in the neighborhood that has a newspaper delivered to your house.
  • You think you are cool because you are on Facebook
  • You write checks to pay your bills
  • You have cable TV and not just streaming services
  • You carry more than $30 dollars of cash in your wallet
  • You like the songs that Posner posts to end these blogs

Please send me YOUR bullet point(s) to add to my list!

And now, enjoy Rod Stewart’s “Forever Young”.

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