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You Know They Are Out There Somewhere

There are several “categories” of patients that I know, with 99.99% confidence, that they will lose the weight they desire:

  • People that have an upcoming wedding of themselves or a wedding involving one of their children
  • People that have an upcoming school milestone reunion
  • People that have just been placed on a medication for diabetes or other health condition

The reason why I am so confident of their successes?  Because they are coming into the program with a VERY strong motivation to shed the weight.  

As human beings subject to human nature, we are all driven in our behaviors by motivations.  The stronger the motivation, the more likely a certain behavior will occur.  Let’s first look at the “motivations” to eat lots of carbs, sugar containing foods and/or alcohol use:  What are the motivations?  Simple: To feel good, lessen stress, sleep better, socialize with others.

What are the motivations to commit to a healthier lifestyle?  Look younger, feel more energy, fit into the stylish clothes, come off of medications, etc etc.

The point: If you do not have an upcoming event that motivates you to stay focused on your health, find a multitude of other reasons to motivate you to exchange the short term gratification of the food/drink items in favor of the motivational factors that will propel your weight control.  Sit down sometime with a pen and paper and bullet point all of those positive motivational factors that will override those motivational factors that compel you to unhealthy behaviors.

Those motivational factors are out there…you know they are…find them.

Enjoy the Moody Blues singing “I Know You Are Out There Somewhere”  ( but I don’t think they were referring to motivations for weight control).

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