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Your Lady Love, Guy Love, Family Love

As mentioned, the last 2 weeks of my blog writing for Northern Virginia will start with identifying one of my favorite songs and then bring the theme to the weight control arena.  Today’s featured artist:  Lou Rawls.

Mr. Rawls, won the American Music Awards “Best Male Soul and Rhythm and Blues Artist” in 1977.  He received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 1982.  Mr. Rawls was known for his smooth, sultry voice.  One of my favorite songs of his:  “LADY LOVE”.

Bringing Lou Rawl’s song to the weight control arena: I hear the word “LOVE” used often by patients entering our program, but specifically directed at their favorite foods and drinks.:

  • I LOVE chocolate
  • I LOVE my wine
  • I LOVE ice cream
  • I LOVE margueritas

There are many more “loves” professed for inanimate food and drink items.  People are often fearful that embarking on a weight control effort will require them to “break up” with their various food/drink loves.

Let’s now focus on the “LOVE” you have in your life for your spouse, children, siblings, grandchildren and close friends.  Do you feel this “LOVE” is a more deep and important one than for the “LOVE” you have for those inanimate food/drink sources?  I know your answer to this question.

Very often in the weight control arena we all need to make choices.  By staying steadfast in your weight control efforts you will be able to enjoy the “LOVE” of the most important people in your life for longer periods of time.

Enjoy Lou Rawls song, “Lady Love”.


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