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Your Own Fitness Facility?

Watching the news and seeing that Covid spikes are occurring in the hottest states during the hottest time of the year brings this reality:  This deadly virus is not disappearing any time soon.  Despite having an “envelope” (similar to the influenza virus) there does not seem to be a seasonal aspect to this virus.  We have been warned about a “second wave” when, in fact, the first wave has really not abated.   California just closed fitness facilities and in-dining restaurants once again.  How long will it take before other states similarly start closing down?

There are many people that rely on their exercise time being conducted at their local gym of choice.  Some of these are fairly basic in their offerings and others offer steam rooms, many classes, swimming pools, basketball courts, childcare etc.  When these facilities are closed obviously members cannot utilize them for their workouts.

With there being a major risk of disruption of access to fitness facilities, those people that depend on these places do need to develop a “Plan B’”, if, indeed, closures occur again.  A “fitness facility” can consist of no more than an aerobic machine of your choice, such as a treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical etc, a floor mat and some free weights.    If a person prefers the camaraderie of classes, the Peloton and similar machines will provide the “being in class with others” type of experience.

Exercise is an important component to a successful long-term weight control journey.  If we do not have access to our favorite gyms, we do need an alternative strategy and creating your own “fitness facility” is a good idea.  And, no driving, bringing a change of clothes and no annoying people trying to talk to you as you are working out! 

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