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YOUR Yes Yes Song

Yesterday we posted an entry entitled “YOUR No No Song” together with an old Ringo Starr song.  Today we are going 180 degrees to the concept of YOUR Yes Yes Song.  

One of the very strong human nature factors is our resistance to change.  We all tend to fall into habitual behaviors and are difficult to break.  Very often those behaviors are those that are not the most beneficial for our health.  Resistance to change drives us to say “NO” to plenty of things but a successful weight control journey will require us to say “YES YES” to such things as:

  • Taking the time to plan/prepare/shop for our meals
  • Setting the clock to wake up earlier to ensure exercise time
  • Committing yourself to eating three meals containing substantial protein every day
  • Spending time on “You” as opposed to devoting every waking moment to your family and careers
  • Giving up immediate gratification food/snack sources for the delayed gratification of feeling much better, looking younger, ridding yourself of medications etc
  • Changing your mindset of “dieting” to “lifestyle changing”

Many more “YES YES” bullet points can be added to this list.

Your successful weight control journey will require you to say “NO NO” at times but “Yes Yes” at other times.  Know the difference and implement the game plan.

To my knowledge there is no “YES YES” song but there is a group I remember from the 1970s…a progressive rock band called “Yes”.  Their lead singer, Jon Anderson, had a very distinctive voice and here is one of their most famous songs.  Enjoy!

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