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Celebrating Accomplishments

Here is a definition of the word “Accomplishment”: something that has been achieved successfully.

Throughout all of our lives, we have all experienced episodes of “accomplishment”.  These can range from seemingly small accomplishments such as completing a difficult crossword puzzle to very large accomplishments such as graduating Number One from a prestigious university.

We not only enjoy the accomplishments we have achieved on our own, but we also (probably to a greater extent) revel in the accomplishments of our spouses, children and grandchildren.  Observing them graduate from schools, excel at sports, get recognition for community service…these accomplishments and more make us feel great.

First, a few words about general health and accomplishment:  Clearly, when we are in good health, this positions us to accomplish so much more personally and professionally. Time spent focusing on our own medical issues is time not spent pursuing the things we love to do that allows us to feel “accomplished”.

Specifically focusing on weight control: As per the above definition of the word, please note the part about “achieved successfully”.  Losing weight and keeping that weight off long-term is only something we “accomplished” over years/decades.  Yes, “dieting” allows us to “accomplish” a short-term weight loss goal but we cannot truly feel “accomplished” in this arena until many years have passed and the weight remains off.

It is important to celebrate accomplishments, as this recognizes ourselves and others for the hard/diligent work we/they have put in to achieve certain goals.  In the case of weight control, as you pass “milestones” such as getting the BMI below a certain designation (BMI-40 or above, i.e. morbid obesity to BMI below 40 i.e.  obesity or obesity to BMI below 30 i.e. overweight) or changing clothes sizes, recognize yourself with a gift such as a massage treatment, a new item of clothes or other non-caloric gift.

As we all look back on our lives and also look towards the future, we all need to celebrate our accomplishments and focus on our health and wellness in order to accomplish much more.

And I am dedicating this entry to Nataliya, who, this weekend, finished her 200 hours of Yoga training and is now a certified YOGI.  Namaste!

And here is a clip from Nataliya’s “final exam”, that consisted of teaching on her own a 1 hour session.  If you watch the clip, you may see this old, inflexible dude looking like he never took a yoga class ever before and probably will not ever again.  Yep, that be me!  Go ahead and laugh…

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