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Last weekend a photographer, videographer and makeup specialist were brought in to take photos and videos of a number of our patients that have lost a considerable amount of weight with the SP Program.  The purpose of this endeavor was to help with a national marketing campaign that begins fairly soon bringing the program to people outside of our DMV area.

Although I could not be present at the event, I was sent a number of photos and videos that were taken by our team that were there.  The event seemed quite fun and the pictures and videos I was sent were awesome.  The patients were asked to bring in clothing that no longer fit, past pictures of themselves at much higher weights and other “props” that would make for a very compelling “before and after” story.

After speaking with the SP Team that were there and looking at the spontaneous, non-“staged” pictures and videos they sent, it was very apparent that the participating patients were having a great time.  There was an incredible amount of smiling, laughing, fun poses and other indications that these were not people afraid, shy, embarrassed or in any other way, reluctant to share their stories and pictures.  To the contrary, these people were proud to “show” themselves and share their personal journeys.

Personally, I felt very happy that my team and I played a role in helping people change not only their number on a scale but rather, help change people’s personas.  The heightened confidence and self-esteem that accompanies significant weight loss changes people in very positive ways.  There is no longer a fear of being “seen”, no longer trepidation about being photographed and no longer avoidance of social interactions.

The “change” that accompanies weight control is much more than a change in the blood sugar, change in the blood pressure, change in the risk of cancer, change in the risk of severe Covid illness etc.  The “Change” includes an uplift of confidence and self-esteem that is simply off the chart.  I will post the professional videos and pictures when they are available and you can palpably feel what I mean by “change”.  Stay steadfast in YOUR weight control efforts and you too will experience these changes that will make life much more fun, rewarding and longer in duration.