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Damage Control and The Posner Method

I am writing this entry 5 days after returning from a vacation in which I gained 5 pounds.  Yes, 5 pounds in five days of vacation.  I suppose you could figure out that I was not exactly following “Phase 1” of the SP dietary plan during my excursion.  I sort of knew I came off the rails at the beach, but I was unaware of the exact “damage” this was causing to my weight until I returned. At the end of the day I needed to understand what caused my weight gain, and enact the damage control via The Posner Method.

Here is my approach to the weight gain damage control using The Posner Method:

  1. Identify the causative factors for the weight gain: This was simple…I ate a bunch of those addicting soft Philadelphia pretzels, indulged in sugar-laden water ices on the boardwalk, brought back desserts to the room, such as chocolate cake and ate LOTS of bread at our dinners before the meals came.
  2. Implement a strategy to get that extra weight off:  Upon our return and seeing the scale number, I immediately swore off (until the scale number came down to baseline) all of those causative factors.  (This was pretty easy, as the Philadelphia pretzels and boardwalk water ices are not exactly staple items on Old Keene Mill Road in Burke, Virginia.)
  3. Monitor the weight daily, i.e. getting on the scale the same time every day: I continued to lay off my usual home “snack foods” and other derailing food items until the scale number came back to my baseline before the trip.

Going on vacations or business trips create lots of challenges to weight control as the “vacation mentality” takes over and we enjoy “vacationing” from our strict dietary routines.  Please do not go on vacations and tell yourself: “I CAN’T eat this and I CAN’T drink that”.  Rather, try to keep the intake to mild-moderate levels.  If weight gain occurs, no big deal…just hop on this aggressively upon your return.  Vacations are important for all of us, as they provide an opportunity to rest, recharge and invigorate.  Staying healthy will allow us many more vacation opportunities.  Yet, another reason to keep focusing on your weight control efforts. 

2 Responses

  1. Really great reminder Dr Posner. I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow. So important to take care of ourselves mentally well. Reading this blog brings to the forefront of my mind that a snack will not hurt. Everything in moderation. I love your blogs

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