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Does PEREGRINATING Hurt Your Weight Loss Efforts?

I mentioned in a previous post about my receiving an e-mail every morning from some source describing a “Word Of The Day”.  These are words most/all of us do not use on a daily basis and it is sort of fun to learn about a word hardly ever used and the definition.  Today, the “Word Of The Day” was PEREGRINATE and the definition is: Travel or wander around from place to place.

Now, personally I do NOT “PEREGRINATE” as my role as a physician does not require me to travel from “place to place”.  Many of you similarly have occupations that do not require lots of travel.  This scenario allows for lots of “home time”.  Predictability becomes part of this equation.  In terms of dietary intake and exercise, this translates into being able to control your environment.  For those seeking to lose/control weight, this control is of utmost importance.

However, for those of you that do, in fact, “PELEGRINATE”, the constant change and loss of environmental control will hurt your weight control efforts.  Traveling and having meals at rest stops and/or airport terminals, socializing with others at night around booze/carbs and obtaining all meals at restaurants are certain to sabotage weight control efforts.

The point:  If you are a “PELEGRINATOR”, you must develop a strategy to overcome the hurdles being placed in front of you during those travels.  If not, controlling weight will become downright impossible.  The environment will not adapt to you…you need to be the adaptor.

And for those “PELEGRINATORS” (i.e Wanderers) here is a 1961 Dion tune…”The Wanderer”

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