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Feel Good

As I started writing this entry concerning what “feels good”, the term “Doctor Feelgood” popped into my head and I put a Google search in.  The three most immediate “Dr. Feelgood” items:  A famous Motley Crue song, a Dr. Max Jacobsen who served as President Kenndy’s physician referred to by the Secret Service agents as “Dr. Feelgood” and a documentary called “Dr. Feelgood” about a Virginia based doctor imprisoned for writing tons of opiate prescriptions.  

Most of us reach for immediate gratification food/drink sources because they make us “feel good”.  As that bite of chocolate hits the taste buds, while the Dairy Queen blizzard is being consumed, the buzz and/or relaxation those two glasses (or more) of wine produce….all of these and more make us feel really good.   

This “feel good” is immediate in occurrence and very short lived.  Very shortly after the weight control derailing activities occur, the “feel good” is gone and replaced by self-flagellation about the behavior that was damaging to our health.  Moreover, cumulatively, those immediate “feel good” behaviors are the cause of lots of “feel bad”, such as back/knee pains, low energy, poor self-esteem etc.

The actions/behaviors needed for weight control are not in the least “feel good”.  What feels good about denying ourselves immediate gratification food/drink items?  What feels good about watching our friends suck down the drinks and eat those carbs while we are drinking water and limiting ourselves to proteins and vegetables?  The answer:  On the immediate basis, the only “feel good” is knowing that you are taking the necessary steps to be happier and healthier.

Now, let’s bring in the “feel good” once a good amount of weight control occurs:  Looking younger, fitting into those beautiful clothes, getting some/many of those medication bottles into the garbage can, having lots more energy, feeling high levels of confidence…LOTS  of “Feel Good”.

Want to feel good for the rest of your life as opposed to fleeting seconds?  Stay steadfast in your weight control efforts!

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  1. Hey doctor Bob,
    thank you so much for these inspirational, non sugar-coated (ha!), tell it like it is blogs every morning. I don’t know if you get much feedback about thim, but I for one truly appreciate it. Thanks!

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