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Five Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

As I tell every patient entering the Serotonin-Plus Weight Program, losing weight is NOT a simple matter of “Calories In/Calories Burned Off”.  That being the case, the less one eats, the more weight one loses.  NO!  The “X” factor is metabolism.  We have many patients entering our program (especially those with relatively normal BMIs but high body fat percentages) that are express frustration because they are not eating very much at all.   I explain to these people that their lack of eating is one of the reasons why they are not controlling weight/body fat percentage.

Here are 5 ways we can boost our metabolism and make it easier to shed the weight:

  1. Eat lots of protein at every meal

Proteins are your major food group “friend” when it comes to losing weight.  Ingestion of high amounts of protein rev up metabolism

  1. Drink plenty of cold water

Water intake not only makes us feel full but also speeds up metabolism.  Studies have shown that drinking 16 ounces of water speeds up metabolism by up to 30% for about an hour.  Additionally, the body will burn calories warming the cold water up to body temperature.

  1. High intensity interval training 

Obviously, depending on the person’s age, orthopedic issues and other medical conditions, “high intensity” may not be viable.  However, changing the pace of a walk from faster to slower and then faster again may achieve a metabolism uptick.

  1. Increase your muscle mass

Muscle burns more calories than fat.  Shedding fat but gaining muscle will have you at the same weight, but that muscle will burn more calories making it easier to lose weight

  1. Drink green tea or take a supplement with green tea extract

One of the ingredients of our SP nutraceuticals is green tea extract.  There is a chemical in green tea that boosts metabolism.

Despite a recent study that hit the news claiming that metabolism does not slow with age, we all know very well that as we age, losing weight becomes more and more challenging.  Revving up our metabolism can be very helpful and try to incorporate the above suggestions.

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