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How Can You Stop Angst Induced Eating?

Here is a definition of “angst”:  a feeling of deep anxiety or dread, typically an unfocused one about the human condition or the state of the world in general.

I tend to not write anything in these entries about my political beliefs and I will not start now.  However, in my 63 years of life I do not remember there being as much angst among by patients, mostly pertaining to their anxiety about the political situation in this country.  No matter what side of the political fence you are on, we all must admit that there is an incredible amount of angst present ubiquitously.  I believe that social media and the “up to the second” news reports contribute to a heightened angst level seen these days as opposed to 30 years ago.   Additionally, the advent of multiple news channels, each supplying their political point of view as opposed to objectively reporting the news serves to incite people into feeling more angst.

Similar to any “stress” reaction, angst, being a negative sensation, will often try to be “treated” by something positive.  The quickest, least expensive and omnipresent method of treating angst will be to eat/drink a source that will clearly derail weight control efforts.  Stress (or angst) eating usually includes high carb foods, crunchy snacks and/or alcohol.

The first step in any process to change behaviors is to recognize the negative behavior.  If you find yourself watching the news or political debates and start feeling angst, be aware of any tendencies you may have to reach for those derailing food/drink sources.  There are two approaches here.  The first is to remove yourself from watching/reading the angst-inducing event(s).  Maybe you should be watching a good Netflix series instead of the evening news.  However, if you feel it is your duty to be up to date on every tweet/news report, than make sure your house does not have those derailing food/drink sources present.

No one enjoys feeling angst.  Aside from weight gain, angst will also make us feel less happy.  Self-evaluate to see just how much angst is present in your life and then take the steps needed to reduce this as much as possible.

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