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How Does Weight Control Impact on PB?

I was speaking with a patient several days ago and he was very proud to inform me that he exceeded his “PB” during the last 10K he ran.  Initially, I did not understand the “PB” thing so I asked him, and he informed me that it stood for “personal best” concerning the fastest time he needed to complete a 10K race.  He was quite happy about this and attributed the “PB” to the very robust weight loss that he has experienced during the SP Program.

I started thinking a bit about other “PB” analytics for people that may occur due to weight loss/control.  What is the cholesterol level after substantial weight loss compared to before the loss?  How about the fasting blood sugar levels?  Blood pressure?  Aesthetic look in the more form fitting clothes in the closet?

The point:  Working hard to get to your healthy/happy weight will bring LOTS of “PBs” when the mission is accomplished.  The “personal bests” will span from health issues to aesthetic issues to overall happiness. Many PBs can be surpassed as the weight keeps coming down to your ideal body weight.

During your long-term weight control journey enjoy surpassing your PBs and part of this will be to avoid P, B and J (peanut butter and jelly…sorry..I couldn’t help it!)

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