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Is It Important To Not Establish A “Finish Line”?

When I see a new patient that enters the Serotonin-Plus Weight Program and query her/him as to “why” the person is desirous of shedding weight, the “usual” answers will include:

  • I want to be healthier and avoid the serious medical conditions linked to poor weight control
  • I have knee, back and other joint pains and I know the weight loss will help alleviate the pains.
  • I want to look younger and have a higher level of self-confidence.
  • I want to feel less tired and have more energy.
  • I want to fit back into the clothes I like.
  • I have an upcoming special event (wedding, reunion, or other) and I want to look great at the event.

When I hear the last line as the major motivation to lose weight (i.e. an upcoming event) I will immediately launch into my diatribe about NOT being what I term a “Finish Line” patient. 

Here is what I mean by this:  Those people that establish a weight loss goal by a certain date for a specific event will have little-no chance of keeping that weight off.  The reason:  What happens when that date comes and then goes?  The “Finish Line Person” will most likely then revert to all of the old behaviors that produced the weight control problem in the first place.  The mind-set is:  The “Diet” is over and now I can start enjoying myself again.

I certainly understand that an upcoming special event is a good reason to finally embark on a concerted weight control effort, but that should not be the only reason that prompts the action being taken.  Yes, it will be great to look super in that wedding dress or reunion outfit, but it is even better to have all of those internal organs being “anti-aged” for the long term by keeping that weight off.

Take the time to make a list of all of the benefits you will obtain from losing weight and use this as motivation to not be a “Finish Line”person.  By doing so, you will markedly enhance yourt chances of keeping that weight off.

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