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Recording of Live Virtual Event/Robert Posner, M.D. from Apr 22, 2020. How To Lower Your “RISK” Significantly via Weight Control and Reduce Risk of Covid-19.

Please forward this e-mail to any of your friends, family, loved ones and colleagues that may be interested in reducing their risk of developing serious illness from the Covid-19 virus.

Aside from age, poor weight control and the co-morbidities are being identified as the most significant “high risk factors” All attendees who scheduled a consultation will receive a special gift from The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program in the mail!

Email us: to claim your gift. Call us: 703-866-4144

2 Responses

  1. Irving Berlin, of course. Great advice about dressing up! My dad was never without a jacket and tie, and even in 1978 when he was slowly wasting away from colon cancer, he kept going to the tailor to have his clothes taken in. Thanks for letting me remember that.

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