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Second Half Adjustments?

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I am writing this entry the morning after the Superbowl.  I watched the game without a rooting interest as my team, the N.Y. Giants are light years away from being the high quality teams we saw on Superbowl Sunday.  I was kind of glad to see the K.C. Chief’s coach, Andy Reid, finally hold the Lombardi Trophy.   He is a great coach and always seems to have his teams prepared to compete.

One of the qualities of a great team and especially great coaches is the ability to make “second half adjustments” to offset what may have been a less than stellar first half of playing.  Perhaps the other team’s defense was playing schemes that were unexpected or the opponent’s offense was running plays or using players that were not anticipated going into the game.  During halftime the coaches and players regroup to figure out how to adjust their game plan to do much better in the second half of the game.  Those teams/coaches that are able to make these adjustments have a much higher probability of winning the game.

Okay, here comes Posner’s adjustment to bring the football example back to the weight control arena:  During a long-term weight control journey there will be many unexpected events/situations/scenarios/people that pop into our lives that will have a deleterious effect on our efforts to control weight.  Perhaps a business trip pops up suddenly requiring the person to be at airports, hotels and business lunches/dinners instead of their own homes and routine schedule.  How about an orthopedic injury that occurs creating the inability to exercise?  Another example:  a kitchen remodeling project begins and the person suddenly realizes that cooking at home in not in play.

The above examples and many more circumstances occur in life when we need to make adjustments to our pathway to successfully controlling weight.   Developing a sound game plan for traveling, altering the dietary plan to “make up” for the inability to exercise,  and in many other ways, reacting/adjusting to situations will be vitally important for long term weight control success.

If you have spent the better part of your years being overweight, clearly if you do not make “second half adjustments”, the success (or lack thereof) will match the first half results.

And for you Chief fans (or people that won $$$ on their bets):  CONGRATS!  And for your Forty Niner Fans:  GREAT season and excellent chance of your team being great for years to come.

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2 Responses

  1. Great analogy! My 2nd half adjustment is to recommit to making exercise a priority! Thanks for the encouragement you and your Team always provide!!

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