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Some Positive Takeaways

We are all being inundated with NEGATIVE news and events.  For those stricken with the virus, the physical impact is a very negative one.  For those not infected, the psychological impacts have been incredibly negative.  And for those that have incomes predicated on selling goods and/or services, the financial toll is severely negative.

So, what could possibly be viewed as POSITIVE during these incredibly trying times?  Here are a few:

  • Time with family:  During “normalcy” when we all tend to run around like crazy families often find themselves like ships passing in the night.  The “at home” time allows for more bonding: playing board games, watching family friendly shows, running around in the backyard with the dog, etc.
  • Being able to focus on yourself:  For those in a weight control mode, yes, the stress may urge you to “stress eat” but we all have more time now to plan and prepare meals, keep food journals, exercise more etc.
  • I believe we all have the urge to reconnect, via phone or video conferencing, with relatives/friends that have seemed to disappear from our lives.  These relatives/friends were at one point very important in our lives and this reconnection will bring these people back into our lives.

The most important takeaway for me is the much greater appreciation I have for what is “the normal”.  Many people, most certainly including me, are guilty of losing the appreciation for so many people/things in our lives that feel mundane during “normal times”.   I know that personally, I will come out the other end of this devastation with a MUCH greater appreciation of everybody and everything that constitutes my “normal” life.  

As difficult as this is, please try to find some positive takeaways for you during these very trying times.  By focusing on the positives we will be able to withstand the road to recovery much better.  Normalcy will return.

4 Responses

  1. Dr. Posner, Thank you for the positive reinforcement and always being here for your patients.

  2. Thank you so much for the information concerning the virus and for your positive suggestions.

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