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Sometimes You Gotta Be A PITA

Most people are sort of hesitant to make other people’s lives more difficult.  At times, we certainly are unhappy when other people make ours more difficult.  An oft-used expression for a person making things complicated is a “Pain In The Ass” (lets’ call this “PITA” and this should not be confused with the PETA people that protect animals).

At restaurants, we all have been with people (or maybe ourselves) that seem to harangue the waiter with multiple requests/variations as opposed to placing a simple order:  Asking detailed questions about the specifics of how the food is cooked, what sauces to be left on the side, what substitutions to make to what the meal offers, etc etc.  We have also been with people that send their dishes back multiple times to e prepared the exact way they want it.  (For anyone that has seen the comedy movie “Waiting” you may think again before sending your food back to the kitchen lest what the staff may do to your food for being a PITA.

However, during a long-term weight control journey, we all need to be a sort of “PITA” in certain circumstances.  Having the chef NOT place the thick, high caloric sauces on your protein dish, asking for vegetables instead of the advertised mashed potatoes, asking for less oil used in the preparation of the meal…these, and similar requests may seem like you are being a PITA, but in fact, you are simply trying to make your meal healthier.

Also, if you are invited to a dinner party at someone’s house, you may feel like you are being a PITA by requesting a more weight-conscious meal be provided to you.  If the people hosting the party are truly your friends, they will NOT see you as a PITA for making this request.

During your journey to improved health and happiness, sometimes you gotta be a PITA.

And sometimes you gotta be YOU…enjoy Sammy Davis Jr.

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