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Weight Watchers built a multi-billion dollar company helping people control weight.  They offered no “magic” pills, no advanced procedures, no “secret” dietary advice or any other miraculous solution to the complicated area of long-term weight control.  What they did/do offer:  SUPPORT (via meetings, group leaders, facilitators) and ACCOUNTABILITY (having people have their weights taken in front of others).

“Going it alone” will place an overweight/obese person in the category of “very low chance of success” for long-term weight control.  Prescription “weight loss” meds are now available direct to the consumer (not controlled meds like phentermine) on the various pharmaceutical companies’ websites, using telemedicine doctors to rubber stamp prescriptions.  Is this resulting in any inroads into the obesity epidemic?  Clearly not.  The reason:  There is no truly robust support/accountability programs that are “mandatory” with the purchase of these meds.

Support and accountability can be obtained via a medical weight program such as Serotonin-Plus, non-medical online support programs such as Noon and a myriad of other options for obtaining support of others (professional or peer) in your weight control efforts.

Despite the availability of support and accountability, most people journeying through weight control efforts will often not engage in these.  There are several reasons:  For many, there is an “embarrassment factor” of being overweight/obese and not wanting to go in front of others.  For others, the lack of time due to other life-obligations will prevent the person from engaging in support and accountability activities.

For you SP patients out there:  Please come in for your FREE monthly body scans.  This produces an “accountability” and support function as you will engage with our highly positive team.  Self-accountability can come in the form of keeping a running list of your weights (same day/same time) weekly.  Seeing the actual number often will result in action being taken.

Feel “alone” in your efforts?   We would be HAPPY to help you “buddy up” with a person(s) in our program that similarly is seeking support beyond our program.  Write us an e-mail (nposner@spdiet.com) and we will be glad to “match you up” with a person or group that provides mutual support.

“Pills” and “diets” will provide very little chance of lasting results without the components of support and accountability.  Add these in to your efforts!