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The Confidence Factor

Before I begin, I want to give a “shout out” to Nurse Norma, one of our incredibly caring SP Counselors.   Norma recently competed in a beauty contest in Florida and out of hundreds, if not thousands of entrants, placed in the top Five.  She was awarded a crown and an invitation to a national event.  Please scroll to the videos below to see our own Nurse Norma walk down the aisle with an amazing look and an equally amazing amount of confidence.  Congratulations Norma!!!

This makes me think back to a number of years ago when we sponsored, for charity purposes a “Fashion Show”.   The “models” consisted of our own patients that had lost lots of weight and were now quite proud to walk down an aisle, in front of many people, displaying their new “look”.   These same people had showed up to our office before the SP Program started with a significant lack of confidence and then, fast forward several months later, had tremendous amount of confidence.  The very last thing they would have done before losing weight is parade down an aisle being watched by others and now…models!

The “Confidence Factor” that accompanies successful weight control rises exponentially.  Yes, it is great to lessen the risks for co-morbidities, come off of medications, have less pain and reduce the risk of having severe Covid illness…all of which accompany weight loss.  However, let’s not negate the extreme change to the ‘Confidence Factor” that also is brought on by weight control.  Feeling a high degree of self-confidence makes our lives better.

And when you see Norma, please make sure to congratulate her!  Enjoy the videos!

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