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Tips to “hide” the weight.

1. High-waisted bottoms are a godsend. Think of them as your wardrobe BFFs – reliable, comfortable, and flattering. They mask your midsection by highlighting your natural waist while conveniently elongating your legs.

2. Throw on a pair of Spanx. This may be a no-brainer for some of you, but I’m listing it anyway. If you don’t own shapewear at this point of your life, you need to go pick some up stat because you’re missing out, like, this is where the party’s at. You will seriously look a size (or two) smaller with it on, and it looks super natural because it magically smooths your figure out. I personally like high-waisted boyshorts, but camisoles work well too.

3. Avoid cropped outerwear altogether. Fight muffin top by covering it up! A long cardigan will do wonders for your bod. It’ll elongate like whoa while camouflaging your midsection. If you want more shape, belt your cardi for an hourglass silhouette! A fitted blazer will also do the trick, and as a plus, you’ll instantly add polish to your look.

4. Don’t wear clingy tops. Go for loose – but not baggy – pieces that have movement. Make sure you pay attention to draping. Your top should have weight to avoid a potentially unflattering fit. Thick, structured tops are extremely forgiving. Slinky materials, on the other hand, will enhance bulges. Stick with forgiving fabrics like chiffon and purchase a few long tops as well. They should hit you mid-thigh to slenderize your thighs and cover your midsection.

5. Go for pieces with empire waists. They emphasize the narrowest part of your upper body, which in turn draws the eye away from your midsection. Try wearing a peplum top – it’s super girly and cute! If that doesn’t really float your boat, you can create a similar illusion with flashy jewelry. Throw on an eye-catching necklace to call attention to your neckline instead of your problem areas.

6. Rock a dress! In my opinion, they’re far more flattering (and comfortable) than pants anyways. Keep an eye out for cute shifts and a-lines. If you’re not a fan of boxy silhouettes, no worries! You can always throw on a skinny belt to create an hourglass figure.

7. Sport darker colors up top. Actually, when in doubt, just wear black, ha. Just kidding but not really. I’m not going to elaborate on this rule because I think it’s self-explanatory, but there’s one thing you should keep in mind. All black is obviously hella flattering, but you can wear the color strategically as well. If you’re heavy up top, wear a black dolman shirt. If you’re looking to minimize your legs/booty, throw on a pair of dark high-waisted bottoms. The contrast will amplify the color’s effect.

8. Size up. It’ll make a huge difference – you’ll look hotter and feel so much more comfortable. Frankly, I don’t get why people obsess over sizing. Wear what looks best. Period. It’s not like you have your size printed on the front anyways, and even if you did, who cares? If someone gives you flack about your body, it’s a reflection on them, not you.

9. Colorblock like nobody’s business. Choose pieces with black paneling on the side! They’ll shave off serious pounds.

Now, I am not in the business to help people hide their weight.  Rather, my role is to help people lose the weight.  However, hiding the weight can be useful.

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  1. Appreciate all your awesome advice, this made me feel better, like we all go thru this.

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