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Warning Signals

The human body is fascinating on so many levels.  One aspect of the body that I find very interesting is the tendency to send “warning signals” before major, catastrophic events occur.  Here are some examples:

Often, before a major heart attack occurs, a person with blocked coronary arteries will experience “warning signals” such as chest pressure when exertion takes place, an increasing level of shortness of breath and/or increasing fatigue.

Here is another example:  Before a major stroke occurs, a person with carotid artery blockage may experience “warning” signals such as episodes of slurring of speech, visual blurring and/or numbness/incoordination of one side of the face or body.

A third example:  Before a major diabetic event occurs such as diabetic ketoacidosis, a person with diabetes may experience increasing thirst, dry mouth, visual blurring and/or frequent urination.

We all must pay special attention to new symptoms that may occur as the years progress.  One of the aspects of human nature is to ignore these warning signals, hoping they simply disappear.  None of us like to think that we have an impending medical disaster about to transpire.

Poor weight control unfortunately in and of itself will not produce any “warning signals” until such time as a major organ(s) is negatively impacted and then the warning signals will start appearing specific to the part(s) of the body that have been damaged by the weight.

Do not wait for “warning signals”, as sometimes those warning signals may appear very late at a time when major, irreversible damage has already occurred.  Additionally, sometimes warning signals do not occur at all and the first manifestation of damage will be a sudden death.

Go in for annual checkups and be proactive in preventing organ damage.  This starts with being steadfast and focused on your weight control efforts.

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