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The other day I wrote an entry about what the famous and still playing 44 year old quarterback, Tom Brady eats.  He is often referred to as the “G.O.A.T.” (aka Greatest Of All Time).  Today, I am going to write about what “O.A.T.s” eats.  The “OAT” stands for the oldest of all time, i.e. people that live way into their 100s.

A gentleman by the name of Dan Buettner went with a team to remote places in the world that seem to have the oldest people still alive and he saw some commonalities of their eating behaviors:

1. 90–100% of their diet is plant-based

2. Meat plays a very minor role in their diet

3. Fish is eaten in moderation

4. Dairy is limited

5. They eat small amounts of eggs

6.Beans are their superfood

7.Sugar is eaten intentionally, not by habit

8.Nuts are the most common snack

9.Bread is either sourdough or 100% whole grain

10.They eat whole, unprocessed foods

11.They drink water, coffee, tea, and red wine

Taking a step back and looking at the SP dietary approach vs. the “OATs” diets shows some discrepancies: We allow for more red meat consumption, the plan is not centered around plant-based foods, eggs are encouraged, nuts/beans are discouraged and wine is not recommended.

So, why the difference? Our dietary approach is very aggressive for losing weight and markedly reducing the risk of developing weight-related co-morbidities.  My suspicion is that the obesity rates in these remote countries is far less than the rates in our country.  Everyone has their own personal preferences of course, but for me personally, I do NOT want to live until the 100’s.  Longevity of life is not the same as Quality of life.  Losing weight will provide both, but one of the “fun” parts of life is enjoying (occasionally) the foods/drinks that we love.  Personally, I want to be on this earth as long as I am not too old, frail, reliant on others, and am still able to do some of the things I love to do (hmmm…will you be getting these daily missives from me when I am 100?)

I would love all of you to be “H.O.A.Ts”—The HAPPIEST Of All Time.