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Where Are YOU On The Priority List?

If I was to ask you to generate a “Priority List” what would that look like?  Here are some things that would be common to most people’s lists:

  • Children’s/grandchildren’s health and wellness
  • Spouse’s health and wellness
  • Performing well on the job/advancing in your career
  • Putting enough $$$ away for the future
  • Helping your friends in their times of need

I am certain there are many items that you would be able to your list of “Priorities”.

Where do YOU land on the priority list?  YOUR needs?  YOUR health?

Many people are sort of “guilty” of not prioritizing their own health/wellness because they are so focused on attending/focusing on everyone else’s issues.   When this situation occurs, the chances of that person being able to control weight become less and less.  Successful weight control requires focus on planning, shopping, preparing meals, finding exercise time etc.  If you do not focus on “YOU” and prioritize your weight control efforts, unfortunately sustained weight control will not occur.

On the airlines, we have all heard the flight attendants’ announcement include the following:  “In the event the cabin loses pressure and the oxygen masks are releases, place the mask on yourself first, and then on the children.”  The rationale?  If you do not oxygenate yourself first you will not be able to help your loved ones.  Using this as an analogy, if you do not achieve/maintain good health, you will not be able to help/attend to all of those issues you are prioritizing above you.

Please ensure that “YOU” are high on your priority list, and that includes the need to spend time and focus on your weight control. Never feel guilty about spending this time on “You”.

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