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Why “ANGER” Is Not Healthy

Anyone out there that has not ever felt ANGRY?  We all have felt this emotion albeit some to a minor extent and others at a much higher level.  Many things, situations, world events and people can make us ANGRY.  Driving in traffic, acts by politicians, our favorite sports team losing a game, workplace events, the stock market going down, inflation spiraling…these and an infinite number of other “things” impacting our lives can make us feel ANGRY.

There are a number of reasons why feeling ANGER/ANGRY can be detrimental to our health including:

  • Disruptions to our sleep: Sleep is a very important component to good health and studies have shown a 50-70% increase in sleep disruption when people feel moderate-severe anger
  • Mental health issues:  Increase in frequency of depression and anxiety accompany anger issues.  Relationships can be adversely impacted
  • Heart health: The release of “stress” hormones can increase the likelihood of abnormal heart rhythms and heart attacks
  • Digestive issues: The chemical release associated with anger may disrupt normal digestion


How can we avoid/lessen “ANGER” in our lives?  Relaxation techniques such as meditating, going to yoga classes and exercise are effective in lessening anger sensations.  Another important behavioral technique is avoiding the situations that tend to produce ANGER:  If watching the news on cable television riles you up, watch entertaining shows instead.  If driving in traffic makes you very angry, consider commuting via bus, train or ride share so you can read a calming book during the drive.  If there are certain people you interact with in life that make you angry, devise a plan to lessen your time in their presence.

One last work on the health impacts of “ANGER”:  Often when people are angry they will tend to reach for foods/drinks that derail our weight control efforts.  By lessening ANGER in your life, this will help your weight control.

And when I feel ANGRY I will place a song on that almost immediately relaxes me.  For everyone the type of song may be different, but for me, a song that make me think of the great times I have had in my life will take away the anger.  Here is one of them from Paul Anka

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