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Your Impact On Others

I attended a funeral yesterday of a family member that died very prematurely at the age of 66.  Before proceeding to the actual burial at the cemetery, the ceremony at the temple included speeches from close family members, friends and work colleagues.  Some of the anecdotes told were poignant, most of them were happy and others wistful.  What was common to all: Just how inspiring and impactful was this person’s life on so many others.

I suspect that anyone over the age of 50 (that certainly includes me) that are attending funerals cannot help but have their minds wander to thinking about their own mortality.  How many years do I have left?  What will my funeral look like and what will people say about me?  Will the people speaking speak highly on my impact on their lives?  Will there be a standing room only event or will the casket be surrounded by only a few people?

Our impact on others is unfortunately not crystalized until we depart this world.  Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, we often do not tell the people we love/respect just how impactful they are on us.  We are frequently guilty of taking for granted the presence of the most important people in our lives only to have us realize too late that we should have been much more verbal with them about their great impact.

We all have amazing impacts on a number of people ranging from family to friends to neighbors to work colleagues.  We sort of “owe” them the right to have us be there continuing this positive “impact” as long as possible.  Becoming/remaining healthy will be the catalyst for allowing us to offer more “impactful” years.  There are many reasons why staying steadfast and focused on your weight control is so important.  Continuing your wonderful “impactful” ways is one of them.

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